“He stated the positive impact of the preferential mortgage program at 6.5% on the dynamics of housing commissioning and the mortgage lending market...” “It connects the increase in housing construction with an increase in the volume of construction under the national project...” “I took the initiative to mothball garbage chutes in all houses...” In general, he went to the window, shook hands, made a statement... This is all he -  Rifat Ruzilevich Garipov , a young deputy of the Bashkir kurultai, better known to the competent authorities as the nephew of the scandalous oligarch-deputy  Flyur  Gallyamov , the owner of the collapsed Roskomsnabbank (Bashkomsnabbank). Why is he spewing fake news feeds?

Garipov was on the board of directors of his uncle’s bank; moreover, from a young age (from the age of 20), various LLCs were registered for him, directly related to Roskomsnabbank, which was reported in detail by the editors of Kompromat-Ural. When in the spring of 2019, the Central Bank of Russia convicted the Bashkir Roskomsnabbank of fraud in the withdrawal of assets and affiliation with the financial pyramid “Golden Reserve”, the Gallyamov “cash office” instantly lost its license, and the regulator demanded that the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation resolve the issue of initiating a criminal case. Since then, the representative of the golden youth, greedy for self-PR, never mentions his financial experience in his widely circulated “outstanding” biographies.

Garipov here, Garipov there...

For beautiful (and also generously paid) PR positioning, use the business card of a member of the Public Council under the Ministry of Construction and Housing and Communal Services of Russia. One can only guess what Garipov has to do with these areas. In ministerial documents he is listed as the managing director of First Trust LLC. But how is it that Garipov, who loves to advertise himself, has hardly shown himself anywhere in connection with this Ufa company, and suddenly in this “secret” role he became a Moscow member...

Bashkortostan, Garipov, Rifat, Ruzilevich, news, Ministry, construction, housing and communal services, Yakushev, public, council, Stepashin, scandal, Roskomsnabbank, Zolotoy, reserve, pyramid, fraud

As the editors of Kompromat-Ural remind you, using the simple combination “First Garipov Trust”, search engines do not produce anything other than formal biographical data, which Garipov himself submitted to the election commission when he went to the Kurultai. The procedure for registering a candidate for elections is such that the place of work can be indicated even at the Buratino company - as long as there is some kind of seal and entry in the work book.

On the website “Wiki Reality” (a parody of “Wikipedia”) our character has an article about his beloved self, which he clearly wrote himself. Here Garipov is an outstanding “state and public figure”, as if ready to rule the Republic of Bashkortostan instead of  Radiy  Khabirov . And again - not a line, not a word about working at First Trust LLC. Why is he keeping silent about his completely immodest position? After all, it seems that he is not a foreman, not a sales manager, not some kind of consultant - a whole “managing director”. Or is it fake? Does he work there or is he registered as a formality in order to somehow meet the criteria for membership in the council under the Ministry of Housing and Public Utilities?

Let’s move on to open databases, the information of which is based on the unified state registers of legal entities and entrepreneurs (Unified State Register of Legal Entities, Unified State Register of Entrepreneurs). Our hero is not listed in them and has never been listed as an individual entrepreneur or the head of any organization. But he was the founder and co-founder of three legal entities in Ufa: GreenHouse LLC (TIN 0274133563), Selena LLC (TIN 0253007960) and BKS-Stroy LLC (TIN 0275057241). Judging by the facts, the “bankster” Flur Gallyamov always kept his nephew with him. The young man, not yet 30 years old, was already on the board of directors of Roskomsnabbank (Bashkomsnabbank).

Bashkortostan, Garipov, Rifat, Ruzilevich, news, Ministry, construction, housing and communal services, Yakushev, public, council, Stepashin, scandal, Roskomsnabbank, Zolotoy, reserve, pyramid, fraud

Golden youth: was at the guy’s box office, but now you can’t find it

But to admit publicly that you are a relative of a big uncle, that from a young age you are led by the hand through the cozy corridors of a family business... Or, worse, explain to the competent authorities whether you were (and could you not have been?) aware of suspicious transactions uncle’s bank... All this, firstly, requires great personal courage. Secondly, you can’t go to the Bashkir Legislative Assembly as “just a big guy” - you need more beautiful screens. And respected people in Moscow will not bother promoting you to the structures under the Ministry of Construction if you are “stupidly from your uncle...” and haven’t even come up with a sign for yourself.

Is this why, as a distraction, the pretentious and incompatible tricks of the “public and statesman” and the “managing director of First Trust LLC” were born? Even if dedicated people know you like crazy - so at least create the appearance of “respect”?